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Clustered Toughshank - Collybia confluens
Collybia confluens (Marasmiaceae) is a decomposer of both hardwood and conifer litter, recognized by its crowded gills, quickly fading cap, tendency to grow in loose clusters, and its distinctive stem, which is covered with a fine whitish fuzz and is quite long in proportion to the width of the cap.
This mushroom is recorded as ‘edible but worthless’ in many field guides, the cap flesh is so thin and insubstantial and the stems so tough that they are not worth considering as a culinary collectible.
This species occurs in most temperate countries on Europe,Asia, and in many parts of North America.
Synonym: Gymnopus confluens
References: [1] - [2]
Photo credit: ©Claude-Alain Berdoz | Locality: not indicated
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(via Wales by Jem Salmon / 500px)
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